Automatic Vertical Packaging Machine
- Conducts integrated operation from measuring, bag making, filling, sealing and cutting to packaging using
  supported / unsupported packing films  
- Arrangement to print batch no., price, date of manufacturing etc. at a very low operational cost
- Maximum versatility in packaging size and style    
- Both double head and single head models available    
- Mounted I-mark sensor system    
- Improving productivity is available by connecting with the supply system    
- PLC control system with Touch Screen    
- Digital Photo Electric Control system   
- Date Printer    
- Different types of automatic product feeding systems    
- Gusset device    
- Adjustable folding box for a variety of products    
- SUS material processing    
- Film auto splicer   
- Snack, Candy, Sauce, Powder, Granules, Sausage, Grain, etc.
Dimension (mm) Product Size (mm) Main Power
Dimension (mm) Product Size (mm) Main Power
Packaging Speed Film Material Weight
Packaging Speed Film Material Weight
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