Automatic Cup Sealing Machine
DB301-P (1-line continuous type)
- Auto-film feed    
- Film Sensor Controller    
- Film Correcting Unit    
- Up to 15 cycle per minute without gas flushing    
- Sealing and Bordered Cutting (Profile cut) 
- Vacuum / Gas Flushing    
- Gas Flushing (vacuum less)    
- Over Capping    
- Product Output Discharge and Tracking    
- Denester (Auto-cup drop)    
- Pre-cut Lid applicator    
- Automatic Fill (Liquid, Heavy liquid or solid products)    
- Product Tracking    
- Date Printer 
 - Tofu, Processed Meat, Pudding, Porridge, Yogurt, etc.
Dimension (mm) Product Size (mm) Main Power
W800 x L3000 x H1800 30 ~ 250 3PH 220/380V 4kW
Packaging Speed Film Material Weight
10~40 EA/Min OPP, NY+AL 750kg
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