Company Information

1993 February   Established company
1993 February   Vacuum packing machine (single, double), band sealer, L-type shrink wrapping machine
1994 May   Automatic development of vacuum packing machine
1994 August   Manufacture of three-side wrapping machine
1995 June   Development of manual container packing machine
1995 October   Developed semi-automatic container packing machine
1995 December   Automatic container packaging machine production
1996 June   Vacuum packing machine belt type development
1997 February   Vacuum packing machine belt type development
1998 November   Development of tabletop type packaging machine motor type
1999 July   Vertical three-sided wrapping machine production
1999 December   Expansion of factory
2000 September   Developed 6CUTTER 3-side wrapping machine for candy
2001 November   Developed meat processing chilld line
2002 June   Continuous development of container automatic packing machine
2003 April   Developed container vacuum packing machine
2008 December   Development of two-side wrapping machine (1600EA per candy standard)
2010 April   Development of small lead-sheet cup sealer 1 row
2012 February   Conveyor line development
2014 April   Developed 45-shape garlic packing machine for three sides
2015 March   Developed rotary cup sealer and automatic feeder
2015 October   Developed Stand Type Semi-Automatic Cup Sealer 2 Columns
2015 December   Developed 2 small rotary cup sealer
2016 February   Three-side cutter room development
2016 May   Development of control BOX touch input method
2016 September   Developed thermoformed vacuum packing machine
2016 October   Rotary pouch packaging machine development
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